Hey everyone, and welcome to the Gary Reynolds News Page!


First, I want to let you all know I am working on my new CD "Spirit Songs of New Mexico Mountains."  Some of the songs included are: "Red River Glow", "Harvey's Song", "Flying High Like And Eagle", Green Chili Blues", "New Mexico Moon", plus many more.  If you go to the Demo Songs page, you can hear some clips.  I hope you like them! Good News my new CD is done if you like to purchase one let me know I will mail it to you or come to one of my shows they are   $15 Dollars each you can e-mail me to purchase by mail. 

I've also been putting together Southwest Wind  bands, we have this year been performing some few places I am very proud of the band members and I am working on bookings us. So I am performing myself as a solo to and with my band. I will let you all know where I'm playing soon, so hang in there, folks!   Stay tuned and thanks for your support and listening to my music.