Southwest Wind Band Members

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Contacts For The Southwest Wind Band call Gary Reynolds  ph#  505-286-0440 or my cell ph# 505-859-2924  or

e-mail me  or

Audio Video clips below Recorded and performed by Southwest Wind

( You Ain't Goin Nowhere ) ( Amarillo by Morning ) ( Leaving On A Jet Plane ) Track 4.mp3 Track 3.mp3 Track 1.mp3zPsHkMOuem0

     ( Cherokee Fiddle )          ( Boil The Cabbage )   Track 2.mp3 Track 5.mp3


The SOUTHWEST WIND BAND came into being around 2007, forming around Gary Reynolds and his

folk, rock and country western styles.  The band formed in a truly organic fashion, all coming from different

backgrounds and musical tastes.  Concentrating on the '60s to the '80s, the band brings many old favorites

back to life, including the likes of John Denver, Michael Martin Murphy, Neil Young, Hank Williams, and

The Eagles.  Southwest Wind can be heard playing around Albuquerque and surrounding areas.

Gary Reynolds - on Guitar, Banjo, Vocals and Harmonica

Eugene Ruff-Wagner - Drums and Harmony Vocals                   

Robyn Mackenzie - on Piano Fiddle and Harmony Vocals


Southwest Wind at Rio Rancho Haynes Park - Summer Concert Series

Gary Reynolds and the Southwest Wind Band

Dave Aubol Bass and Vocal, Gary Reynolds Guitar Harmonica and Vocal, Robyn Mackenzie Keyboard Fiddle and Vocal,

Eugene Ruff-Wagner Drums and Vocal and Patrick Hickey Pedal Steel Guitar and Vocal